Immanuel United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pastor's Page by Pastor Albert Rush


The Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

  Immanuel, in the month of November we remembered our loved ones with “All saints Sunday.”   We celebrated how God has blessed his ministry at Immanuel with our Charge Conference. We “Raised the Praise” with heavenly music featuring our new Youth Praise Band,  a Marching Band and Dance Team.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with the giving of more than forty food baskets by our food pantry team and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving service as the Eastside UMC combined youth groups had a lock-in. 
In addition, our services were filmed for a documentary and we celebrated 170 years in the Eastpointe/East Detroit/Half-Way/Huron Township community.
When we will look at the Christian Season of Advent, there is a focus on the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of Christ that is represented in Advent Wreath. However as we have shown all the throughout the year , Christ’s Hope,  Peace, Joy and Love is with us all the time. We should not just focus on Christ’s gifts to us during Advent but all year long. I continue Thank you all for hard work, love, care and concern that have for Immanuel’s ministry and the people that are part of it.
Well, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, we should understand that Christ is the Prince of Peace and Source of Light in the world that brings forth the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love into our lives.  Let us not be fooled by all the dark news that we see and hear, let us open our eyes and ears to seek the wonderful Light that surrounds us all.  Yes, some family members and friends may be going through trying times, but do not forget those around you have been blessed by God with recovery, a new job, or a miracle of healing.  Let us keep in our minds all the stories of people blessing each other with gifts, food and support.  Even many companies are adopting families and providing so much light into the lives of people they may never meet.  Immanuel, the Light of Christ has never left us, we just have to look at the glass half full instead of half empty.
As we take communion, we should understand that Christ lives within us and everywhere we go and sometimes the only Hope, Peace, Love and Joy that people feel comes through our actions and words.  As we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ’s birth, let each of us be Christ’s light in the world were some people only see darkness. 
I will leave you with this scripture John 1: 9-14
9 The true Light that shines on all people
was coming into the world.
10 The light was in the world,
 and the world came
into being through the Light,

but the world didn’t recognize the Light.

11 The Light came to His own people,

and His own people didn’t welcome Him.

12 But those who did welcome Him,

those who believed in His name,

He authorized to become God’s children,
13 born not from blood
 nor from human desire or passion,

but born from God.

14 The Word became flesh
 and made His home among us.

We have seen His glory,

glory like that of a Father’s only Son,

full of grace and truth.”

For I can do everything through Christ,
who gives me strength.


Pastor Albert L. Rush

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